5 Best Spots for Students to Have Sex on a College Campus


The library is the most exciting and notorious place for students hooking up. It’s quiet, which creates risk and an adrenaline rush, and it’s easy to get privacy in a study room, which allows it all to happen.

While it is easily the riskiest place to have public sex, it is also the most arousing in my opinion. The quiet atmosphere and long hallways make it very difficult not to be seen or heard, but that is what makes it all the more fun.

There’s air conditioning, usually multiple floors to choose from and sometimes even private study rooms that could be used. But shoving her up against a shelf of Encyclopedias and hearing nothing but your body’s movements and heavy breathing as you both use your best efforts to muffle your moans seems a lot more exciting than a private room.


An auditorium left unlocked is just asking to be defiled by hormone raging college students in between classes or after hours. The great part about most auditoriums is that there are plenty of comfy seats to choose from and many rows that you could essentially hide in if needed.

Also, most auditoriums are designed to be soundproof from the outside, meaning as long as there isn’t anywhere too near, moan/scream away at your hearts content. Although I do advise taking some precautions.

Basement of a Building

Many, many college buildings have basements that are often empty and lightly traveled during the day, offering a private space to escape and have a quickie.

There will more than likely be tables lying around that you can throw your partner on top of, or a white board you can shove them up against. This can be a risky place though due to anyone showing up at anytime, but be smart enough about it and you’ll most likely find yourselves going back there the next day too.

Sports Field

If your college has a football team, I’ve heard it’s a big thing to sneak onto the field and have sex at half field, on the school’s logo. Now this is typically done at night, obviously, but a Saturday afternoon while the team is playing away may just be enough of a window.

Something about being outside while having sex gets your adrenaline rushing and your animal instincts flaring. I highly recommend only doing this on grass, as turf fields can be uncomfortable and have those rubber pellets that can cause serious infection if they enter your system.

Gym Showers/ Locker Room

Nothing can be more relieving than a nice shower after a hard workout, but just imagine some awesome shower sex right after a hard workout. If you worked out hard enough, this won’t be the most action-packed or aggressive sex you’ve had, but it’s guaranteed to help you relax and ease you mentally.

The hardest part about sex in the gym showers is keeping quiet. Between the moaning and groaning, and the inevitable noises that comes from shower sex, it’ll be important to get a shower towards the back or with the most privacy.
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