Neck Pain Relief

Discover the right relief for Your Neck Pain So You Can Start Enjoying Life Again.

Are neck pain, headaches, or referred pain in your shoulders and upper back, interfering with your life, making it hard to work, drive and enjoy life fully? 

Then you need to read this to get RELIEF!

Are you one of the countless people who wrestle with neck and upper back pain when you don’t have to? I’m not talking about pain that comes from serious injuries, degenerating discs, or arthritis. I’m talking about the millions of people whose neck and upper back pain is a result of day-to-day living, stress, bad posture, or a minor injury or problem that just won’t go away. If this sounds like you then you’ll be delighted to know there are some simple remedies to make your neck and upper back pain-free.

Dear Friend,

Believe me; I know what neck pain feels like. Over the years I’ve had various skiing falls that wrenched my neck, minor accidents, and an assortment of bumps, bruises, and strains from everyday life. Initially, I ignored any pain I felt, as most young people do, figuring it would just go away. That worked for a long while but at some point, it caught up with me. It wasn’t anyone thing that happened; it was an accumulation of things I hadn’t dealt with. I didn’t start out experiencing major pain, it just crept up on me until I realized that it wasn’t only my neck that was sore but my shoulders and upper back too…and it was negatively affecting my life!

Are you getting too many headaches?

Do you have too many headaches? Getting headaches was one of the first things that got MY attention. Either I was getting a lot of them or someone else was eating my bottles of Advil. It seemed in no time flat the bottle was empty again so I started keeping track of how often I felt the need to take it. I’m not a person who likes to take a lot of tablets so I wasn’t pleased. But considering how tight and sore the muscles were in my neck, AND how the tightness had spread to my shoulders and upper back, was it any wonder I had headaches?

Neck Pain Relief

Is your neck and upper back pain stopping you from doing the things you want to do?

Do you ever find yourself wistfully thinking about some of the things you used to do? As I said earlier, we don’t always realize that we’re gradually cutting out activities. One weekend you might think ‘I’ve had too busy a week to tidy the garden’ when it used to be a pleasure. Or ‘I’m too tired to golf this weekend’ instead of not being able to wait to get out there. Who wants to feel old before your time?

Are you spending too much time and money trying to ease your neck and upper back pain?

Have you been to various doctors and exercise facilities in search of relief from your tired, sore muscles? Regular exercise is a great idea but sometimes even that doesn’t work, does it? My doctor would tell me that “I just needed to stretch and exercise those sore muscles”. Well, I tried that and the upper body exercises I was given just made it worse.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years on Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic treatments. Some practitioners were really good and I got some temporary relief. But that was just it, it was temporary. And I got tired of the time it took out of my life, away from work and family, to go to these appointments.

Would you like to feel stronger again?

I like feeling strong and that I could do anything I want to do from moving furniture to digging holes. So it was very frustrating to feel myself get weaker. I would try to strengthen my neck muscles but it didn’t work. I was tired of feeling stiff and sore and of not being able to garden, or pick up a child or go golfing, without worrying about how I was going to feel later.

Unfortunately, you can’t just take a pill before you go to bed and wake up without any more neck and upper back pain in the morning, can you? The reality is that unless you take some concrete steps to stop the cycle of pain you are in, chances are that in one year, two years, or even ten years you’ll be in exactly the same position … or worse. And that’s a DISMAL thought, isn’t it?

Are you fed up enough that you are willing to do something about your neck and upper back pain?

I had reached the end of my rope and decided that I wasn’t going to put up with my neck and upper back pain anymore. I decided that I’d do the research, ask questions and find out what worked, and put it together in a step-by-step program that I could use to solve my own neck and upper back pain, once and for all.

I struggled for years with neck and upper back pain until I discovered some right relief methods that finally got me back on track. I wish someone had made it easy for me years ago.

Are your neck and upper back pain causing you any of the following problems and challenges?

  • Neck or shoulder or upper back pain sap your energy and make it impossible to get a good sleep – It’s awful being tired all the time! Too tired to play with your kids, too tired to do a good job at work and get the promotion and raise you want and too tired to visit with the friends and family that you love.
  • You’re gaining weight because you don’t want to exercise – when your neck and back hurt the last thing you want to do is exercise which makes losing weight even harder. You’d love to tone up those arms too but the exercises hurt your neck and shoulders.
  • Your neck or back pain makes it hard to concentrate for long periods at work – No kidding! If your neck and back hurt, how can you possibly be as productive or creative as you know you can be?
  • You have headaches on a regular basis – Hmmm. Neck and upper back hurts. The muscles knot up and ultimately you’re head starts to pound. A vicious cycle.
  • Using a computer becomes a challenge – it’s not much fun surfing on the web, typing a letter or responding to your email if your arms feel heavy, your shoulders are tight and your neck hurts.
  • You feel like you’re avoiding too many things because of your neck and upper back pain – when you take a moment to think about it you realize that your neck and back pain are limiting your life and it’s just crept up on you. It’s great to hire someone to do the things you don’t want to do, like cutting the lawn and heavy pruning. But what about your golf and tennis game, or playing soccer with your kids?
  • You’ve been to see doctors and other medical practitioners but they aren’t solving your problem– They all seem to have part of the answer. Or they each tell you to do totally opposite things. And even when you follow exactly what they say to do it still doesn’t get your neck and back issues solved for good.

There is a relief and remedy for your neck pain.

My website is with collections of Neck pain resources such as books of “Neck Pain Remedies” and other stuff for neck pain release. It will show you easy-to-follow steps to get your neck and upper back on track.

Here’s just a sample of what Neck Pain Remedies will do for you:

  • You’ll get practical useable solutions and advice that will start working for you right away – you won’t have to go through the 15 years of trial and error that I did to find out what works and what doesn’t. You can save yourself unnecessary grief and agony and put yourself on the fast track to a better, pain free life.
  • You’ll sleep better – no more tossing and turning, wondering if you need a new bed. Your neck and upper back muscles will be able to relax so you can get a great sleep.
  • You’ll have a step by step  guide –  a step by step program that teaches you how to become free from neck and upper back pain, and reclaim your life.
  • You’ll get a comprehensive checklist to assess where you’re at – the book makes it easy for you to figure out where to start on the program.
  • You’ll learn what exercises and stretching to do – Quit wasting your time with exercises and stretches that aren’t going to help your neck and back problems and may even make them worse. You’ll get easy to follow exercise and stretching guides that are an important part of becoming pain free.
  • Learn what equipment and stretching aides work – We’ll give you a list of the best equipment and stretching aides that you should use. This may save you thousands of dollars in purchases that may be useless to you.